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100% Natural Hard Wax

Formulated using only premium, natural ingredients our strip-less hard wax offers unique, highly flexible properties that can be used on all parts of the body and face, as well as, all skin types and hair textures.

Due to its spread ability you’ll use less wax


At Once Natural Wax, we believe in helping you give your clients the best waxing experience to achieve the best results! We are great believers in education and training. We want to guide you and share our vast industry experience with you, so you get the most out of our products, learn how to use them, and learn the benefits of using them during your waxing appointments. Your clients will soon feel the difference! Our 100% Natural Wax and complimentary pre and post waxing skincare products have been thoughtfully formulated to work together to give you the best results for setting the highest standards. Educate yourself by visiting the “Tutorial” section of our website. There you will learn how to use and get the most out of our wax, its unique properties and see first-hand, our uniquely designed spatula at work.