Once Natural Wax, is a revolutionary new flexible hard wax, that will make you leave the wax you’ve been using on your clients for good!  We manufacture and hand mold our wax in the United States with complete control over the entire process using only the finest and purest ingredients.  The deep, rich Amber color of our wax is a testament to its’ 100% Natural Ingredients and manufacturing process.  Quite simply put, once you’ve tried our wax, you won’t use another!



Easily identifiable, by our distinctively shaped cubes, and embossed with our signature “O”, our wax offers unique, flexible properties and spread ability, making it extremely cost effective for the waxing professional by eliminating the use of paper strips entirely!  Our wax can be used safely on all skin and hair types, and on all areas of the face and body. 

That’s right, one wax for all! 



Its’ hand-molded, cube shape benefits the waxing professional in measuring and determining the amount of wax that will be needed for each appointment.  Its’ buttery texture allows it to spread easily and efficiently on larger areas of the body, and because of these remarkable assets, you’ll actually use less wax making it truly cost effective and a great value!  We’re confident that after you’ve tried Once Natural Wax, you’ll take that step and say good-bye to the wax you’ve been using for good.  You will wax better, smarter and your clients will immediately see and feel the difference…


At Once Natural Wax, we’ve also created specially formulated pre and post, 100% natural skincare products and our ergonomically designed spatula, which is exclusive to us, and not found anywhere else in the market!  We don’t believe in skipping steps, as your client deserves to experience how well all of our products work together.   They’ve been intentionally formulated to work together for the very best results.  Our collection was thoughtfully created with this in mind to make your client feel special and pampered; and the waxing professional more efficient. 


Once Natural Wax, was created as an exclusive depilatory wax with unique, highly flexible properties that will leave the skin baby soft!  This is no common wax…

Ingredients: Pine Rosin, Beeswax and Natural Essential Oils.


Don’t wait another minute to elevate your professional waxing services today!   Join the movement and get on the road to provide the best waxing experience for your clients, sending them off to better, healthier, smoother skin and knowledge of how to care for it.  They will immediately see and feel the difference!