Once Natural Wax is a new, innovative and groundbreaking flexible hard wax and brand developed along with complimenting skincare products that are 100% natural.  We are a US based brand founded with the intention of creating, pure, safe and efficient products for the waxing professional that begin in the forest.  We believe that “once” you try our wax, you won’t use another!


Our Wax

Once Natural Wax has been thoughtfully created with the highest standards for quality and comfort, ensuring a great experience for the waxing professional, but more importantly, for your client.  We achieve this with our flexible hard wax, by having complete control over our manufacturing process and by using only the best, top quality, natural ingredients which also give it its rich, deep Amber color. The best news for you is that our wax can be used on all areas of the face and body foregoing the use of paper strips!  You heard it here first….ONE wax for everything! Noteworthy, to also mention, is that it’s made with 100% natural ingredients making it completely safe for use on all skin types and hair textures. Because it’s naturally flexible, Once Natural Wax allows the waxing professional to remove more hair from larger areas on the skin by using a wider spatula which has been specifically developed to ensure a more efficient and wax saving process.  That said, you will use much less wax and get amazing results due to its unique properties for flexibility and spread ability. This is a game changer in the luxury wax arena!


Our Mission

The mission for our wax and collection of complimentary, pre-wax and post-wax skincare products, is to promote and encourage a natural lifestyle and to create awareness around a healthy skincare routine. Once Natural Wax makes the waxing professional much more efficient and confident that they’re providing their client’s a safe, pure and comfortable experience.  

As a brand we pride ourselves in being pro-environment.  We respect the planet by ensuring our process is secure and natural; free of parabens, gluten and with no animal testing.  Quite simply, what we offer is the best quality wax at a great value due to its efficiency and unique properties enabling the waxing professional to provide a great service at a lower cost! 

Be part of the movement to improve the way we wax and make Once Natural Wax your “go-to” brand for all of your waxing needs and services.  We’re certain you’ll love our wax as much as we do!