Zoom Bikini - Facial Initial Waxing kit

Bikini - Facial Initial Waxing kit


Is the perfect combination of products for waxing professionals and licensed estheticians that provide a variety of Facial, Bikini or Underarms waxing services.  Perfect for our 100% Natural hard-flexible wax, this kit includes all the basics you would need for a perfect service on small areas like Face, Bikini or Underarms at a great value and cost saving bundle.  Elevate your waxing services today because Once you’ve tried our wax, you won’t use another!

This Kit includes:

-Small wax warmer (6.8 fl.oz or 200ml)

-Once Natural Wax (2.5lbs Box)

-Pre Depilatory Cleanser Lotion (8 oz)

-Post Depilatory Gel (8oz)

-Medium Spatulas (box of 500 pcs)

-Facial Sticks (box of 500 pcs)

-Cornstarch Powder (3.52oz)

Bikini - Facial Initial Waxing kit