Your wax is breaking or cracking?

Although highly unlikely, when using Once Natural Wax, it could happen for reasons unrelated to the wax. Like most hard waxes, for the very best results there are important indications you need to take into consideration while learning and familiarizing yourself when using our 100% natural wax.
Application, consistency, thickness, improper temperature, and removal technique can all lead to breakage or cracking. For those of you unfamiliar with the amazing benefits of using a natural wax and to get the best results, follow these helpful recommendations and experience the Once Natural Wax difference!


  • Always apply the wax at body temperature. The wax should never be too hot or too cold.
  • Don’t leave the wax on the skin for too long and remove it while the wax is still shiny.
  • Ensure that the strip is consistent and even in thickness, including the edges.
  • Room temperature should be comfortable and never too cold, as this will cause the wax to dry too quickly.
  • Also note, that skin that is too dry or dehydrated can also cause the wax to dry faster, therefore should be removed immediately.

Once Natural Wax, has unique spread ability and is naturally flexible. We take pride in our standards of excellence and in our fine quality ingredients. We’re confident that as you work with our wax and follow these helpful recommendations you’ll be more efficient while achieving awesome results that will have you falling in love with our wax!

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