Why Use 100% Natural Wax?

The verdict is in…Using 100% Natural products is undoubtedly the wisest choice for the skin and for the
environment.  At Once Natural Wax we pride ourselves on using only the finest and purest ingredients. 
Going natural is especially important for those clients that have sensitive skin.  Natural products and sustainably sourcing their ingredients, go hand-in-hand, are packed with beneficial nutrients and are just easier on the skin!
Using natural products leaves a lower impact environmentally, while using conventional waxes, can affect wildlife and the environment negatively. 

The lack of artificial ingredients, polymers, chemicals, scents and dyes will always be beneficial to the health of your clients without leaving any irritation or side effects. 

What that means for you as a waxing professional, is that you’re offering safe and healthy products to your clients while elevating your waxing services.

Here are the five most important benefits and reasons to switch from conventional waxes to 100%

  1. Irritation Free
  2. To be used on any skin and hair type
  3. To be used on any part of face and body
  4. Effectiveness
  5. Environmentally friendly

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