Waxing Guidelines by Once Natural Wax

At Once Natural Wax, we believe in helping you give your clients the best waxing experience to achieve the very best results!  We’ve created some simple guidelines for providing a great waxing service based on our vast industry experience, so you get the most out of our products, learn how to use them, and experience the benefits of using them together!

As part of the Once Natural Wax collection of products, we’ve created specially formulated Pre and Post, 100% natural skincare products. Our Pre and Post Skincare Products are infused with 100% natural ingredients like Arnica, Allantoin, and Calendula, which are all wildflowers and considered “The Three Musketeer’s” of skin healers!  Soothing and refreshing ingredients like Aloe Vera, Cucumber, Grapefruit and Apple Stem Cells are also combined, with other moisturizing ingredients like Sweet Almond Oil and Vitamin E.  The fresh scent of sliced apples will transport your clients to total relaxation!



Is ergonomically designed, exclusive to us, and not found anywhere else in the market!  We’ve designed and created this 100% Natural Birchwood Spatula, for effectively spreading and working with the natural, flexible properties of Once Natural Wax making it a beautiful marriage!  The benefits of our large, custom spatula and use with our wax will become quite evident once you’ve tried it on larger areas.  We also offer medium spatulas for smaller areas like the bikini or face and facial sticks for eyebrows, ears and nostrils.  


We don’t believe in skipping steps, as your clients deserve to experience how well all of our products work together, as they’ve been intentionally formulated to work in unison for the very best results. It’s the Once Royal Treatment!  Our collection was thoughtfully created with this in mind to make your client feel special and pampered; and to help you, the waxing professional, be more efficient and elevate your services to the next level.  


As you get ready for your waxing service, implement these easy to follow guidelines:



Melt the wax in your warmer until it begins melting and can be stirred into a creamy consistency with the spatula. Once achieved, reduce the temperature to ensure comfortable contact with the skin. When it’s ready to be applied, temperature should be held between 100°F and 105°F (38°C and 40°C).  We recommend using only the specific quantity needed for each customer by selecting the number of wax cubes you’ll need for your upcoming service.  Depending on your client traffic, you may need more than one wax warmer.


Before applying the wax to the skin, you’ll need to remove any oil, dirt, bacteria or cosmetic residue of any kind with our Pre-Depilatory Cleansing Lotion.  Simply apply to a piece of natural cotton and wipe down the area to be waxed.


For moist areas, an application of our 100% natural Cornstarch Powder should be applied after cleansing the skin, to absorb any moisture before the wax is applied.  Apply the wax evenly in the direction of hair growth and remove the entire section by pulling against the hair growth at a 45°angle. If there’s need to reapply wax to an area that has been previously treated, apply Cornstarch Powder to protect the skin.  After the service has been completed we recommend our Post-Depilatory Oil to remove any residue followed by an application of our soothing Post-Depilatory Gel.  


For other areas like arms, legs, chest or back, you’ll first apply our Pre-Depilatory Cleansing Lotion to cleanse the skin before applying the wax. You’ll finish your service by removing any residue with our Post-Depilatory Oil, followed by a nourishing and moisturizing application of our Post-Depilatory Body Lotion. We don’t use Cornstarch powder on these areas unless you need to reapply wax. 


For facial waxing, you’ll first apply the Pre-Depilatory Cleansing Lotion to cleanse the skin and then the wax. You’ll finish your service by removing any residue with our Post-Depilatory Oil to be followed by a soothing and refreshing application of our Post-Depilatory Gel.  Cornstarch powder is not recommended for use on the face, even in the event you need to re-apply wax.


Once Natural Wax has been created and formulated for use on all parts of the face and body; all skin types and all hair textures.  

At Once Natural Wax, we believe in helping you give your clients the best waxing experience to achieve the best results!  We are great believers in education and training.  We want to guide and share our years of experience with you!   We look forward to becoming your partners in wax and are confident that “Once you’ve tried our wax, you won’t use another!”

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