Long Hair Waxing Tips

When the hair is longer than 1/2 inch, it may be considered too long to wax, unless, you’re using Once Natural Wax! Our 100% natural wax is always the “go to” option for all hair lengths and textures. Here are some valuable recommendations for that client that arrives to their appointment with hair that’s too long. Implement these great tips to elevate your waxing service and give your client a great hair-free experience!
  • Ensure that after preparing the area to be waxed with our Pre-Depilatory Cleansing Lotion that it’s completely dry, therefore allowing the hair to properly adhere to the wax.
  • When waxing longer hair, be mindful and don’t apply too much pressure with the first application. This may cause your client unnecessary discomfort as pressing too strongly with the spatula will attach the hairs making it feel as though they’re being stretched out.
  • When the wax application is ready to be removed, you need to pull very quickly at a 45 degree angle so the hair will be removed from the root. Always remember to calm the waxed area with your hand by pressing down gently on the skin.
  • In the event that a re-application is necessary, if some stubborn hairs have remained in the area, always protect the skin by applying a small amount of cornstarch powder. Now you can apply pressure to the application so that the remaining hair will adhere more easily to the wax. In this instance, removal should be gentle.
  • When wax is applied to an area of hair that is too long, you can also trim the line that separates the wax strip or application from the rest of the hair with a body scissor. Once removal is completed, only the hair under the wax application will be removed and the wax will not have attached itself with the longer hair around it.
  • You can also recommend your client trim the hair a little before their waxing service, if it’s too long and educate them on the benefits of waxing on a regular basis.
Waxing with Once Natural Wax makes those more challenging appointments efficient, comfortable and stress-free for you and most importantly for your client. Your client will see and feel the difference after a waxing service with our 100% natural wax. We’re confident that once you’ve tried our wax, you won’t use another!

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