Short Hair Waxing Tips

Hair that’s considered “too short” to be waxed, usually represents a challenge for the waxing professional...With Once Natural Wax, your worries are over as our wax will remove even the shortest and tiniest hair!
To provide the best waxing service using our highly flexible wax, just follow these useful tips and recommendations after preparing the skin for a great result:
  • Apply the wax at body temperature and in the direction of hair growth with pressure permitting the hair to adhere to the wax.  Be sure to apply a little extra pressure when the hair is too short.
  • Apply thinner strips than usual that allow you to see the hair through the wax.
  • Remove the application before it dries completely and is still shiny.
  • In the event that reapplication is needed for an unruly hair, protect the skin with a small amount of natural cornstarch powder and in this case, remove the wax in a very gentle manner.  It’s a different “pull” than usual to ensure proper removal of the hair.
Once Natural Wax is created and formulated to remove hair of all lengths and textures.
We pride ourselves on using only the finest and purest ingredients. You won’t find any dyes, polymers, or chemicals in our 100% natural wax.

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