COVID-19 Advice and Safety Measures for your Salons

As your salons and studios begin re-opening…

As you initiate the re-opening of your studios, spas and salons, you’ll need to be taking new measures and adapting to safe operational procedures, protocols and to a new normal, living with COVID-19.

These stricter, advisory procedures are necessary as part of local government requirements to re-open and are additional measures that should be fine-tuned and implemented to ensure your safety, the safety of your team and your clients.


Maintain social distancing during your service appointments. Space them out to reduce crowding in your reception area and establishment.  If your space is limited, ask your clients to kindly wait outside and offer to call them in when it’s their turn.  Remember, “two” is now a crowd!


Increased hygiene and cleanliness are paramount.  Cleaning and disinfecting should be practiced much more frequently in all high-touch traffic areas and wax treatment rooms.


In response to the CDC and your local government, all your clients should be required to wear a mask or face covering upon entering your establishment.


Upon arrival your clients should have their temperature taken with a contactless thermometer.


Your clients should not wear gloves.  Provide plenty of hand sanitizer throughout your salon or studio and encourage your clients to use it as often as they like.

At Once Natural Wax, we care deeply about these safety protocols and take them very seriously.  We want you to be educated in keeping your clients and staff, safe and protected during their service so they’re comfortable and at ease...  

Always ensure that your warmers are cleaned and disinfected after each client and that all used wax is properly disposed of.  If you’re asking yourself how to avoid waste and use the right amount of wax for each specific treatment, we’re the answer to your prayers!  We make it easy  with Once Natural Wax, because our wax comes in  highly convenient cubes making it very simple to learn, measure and predict how many wax cubes you’ll need for a particular service.  We also make three different size warmers to accommodate any type of business large or small which helps you guarantee that each client has their own wax warmer, which you should individually prepare for them before their service.  

These guidelines should become your norm in a time where cleanliness and health protocols and so important.  As levels of positivity and hope rise, so do we want you, our clients, to be successful as you gear up to re-open after these challenging months!  Carry on and let us be your partners in wax!

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