All You Need is Once

Only a depilatory wax of the highest quality can be used for both, face and body.   Our high standards of excellence provide this guarantee because as manufacturers, we use and select the finest and purest raw materials Mother Nature has to offer for the creation of Once Natural Wax.

Imagine not having to purchase and stock different waxes and different colors for your services ever again!  You can make that ancient history with Once Natural Wax, saving you time, money and storage space!  At the end of the day, you’ll be more efficient and you’ll elevate your waxing services to the next level!  

Created with comfort in mind, our wax is specifically formulated for use on all parts of the face and body; all skin types and all hair textures.  It’s comfortable even on the most sensitive skin because all the ingredients are 100% natural.  Natural ingredients are superior for use on the skin and for the environment.  Your clients will immediately see and feel a difference.

The absence of dyes, chemicals, polymers or gimmicks makes Once Natural Wax the “go to” brand!  What you’ll find is a carefully sourced list of ingredients that are beneficial and never harmful to the skin.

We stand by our standards of excellence and are confident that once you’ve tried our wax, you won’t use another!  For more information and tips on our wax and the benefits of our soothing and nourishing Pre and Post skincare products, please refer to our Waxing Guidelines Blog, you’ll be glad you did!

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